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Next Session Runs Starts June 1st
Join bestselling author & holistic health coach, Liz Nierzwicki as she guides you through the process of fixing your health and getting you on a program that is sustainable for life. Women, men, teens, and children are ALL welcome. 
This program will change your life in 
3 Major Areas:
  • Mind 
  • Health 
  • Fitness
MINDSET: Through understanding the mind, you can understand why you sabotage yourself and your goals. You will learn about the minds evaluation mode and experiencing mode and how to know when you are in the one that is NOT helpful for your long-term goals. Why you turn to food and how to break those bad habits. You will learn how to break bad habits and create new habits via the figureFIT program. 
HEALTH: All disease starts in the gut. If you have ANY health issues we can go back to the basics and eliminate foods to help you feel better and fix your health. We will focus on each person's individual health and unique needs. 
FITNESS: Often people do not know how to effectively train their body. Working out is about HOW we utilize the body's energy systems and HOW to train them for maximal performance and fat burning. You will learn how to boost your metabolism the right way and we will discuss, strength training, cardio, and HIIT all of which you need to understand in order to deploy and create your best physique. 
This all-inclusive program will give you access to the 3 private group coaching training modules and you'll also have unlimited figureFIT classes at the studio for the duration of this program.
We'll start off with a one-on-one call to kickstart your program and get your details so that Liz can develop your personal nutrition plan. Then you'll save the date for the online coaching calls and get started with your program. 
Cost of program:
Life Coaching: $199 per hour
Holistic Nutrition Coaching: $299 per hour
Personal Training:$75 per hour (3 per week) = $900
figureFIT! Classes $1008
Holistic Health Consultation: $149
Program Cost: $1655

Your Investment: $997 


What's the cost of perfect health? $799 pales in comparison to the amount of money that will need to be spent of fixing poor health. There is no price tag for a happy mind, body, and spirit!




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