Field Trips

Yoga Field Trips!

Solace Yoga Studio is the perfect place for children’s field trips. We have the space and the amenities to keep children entertained and active. Our yoga room is the perfect place for kids to let loose and have fun.

In this field trip children and their teacher will learn yoga by imitating animals and nature while using creative expression, games, music, art, and storytelling.

Consent forms MUST be signed and returned to studio prior to field trip.
Field Trips last up to 1.5 hours
Please plan on arriving 15 min’s early
Yoga Field Trips are for ages 3 and up

Cost: $10.00 per person

*Class minimum is 20 students.
*Maximum student capacity is forty-five.

Why Should Kids Practice Yoga?

  • Helps Deal with Stress – When kids slow down they learn techniques to help deal with life challenges.
  • Helps Develop Creativity – Yoga allows children to experience yoga poses along with creative activities such as storytelling, expressive movement, and even art.
  • Helps Control Emotions – The calming techniques used in yoga may help children manage their outbursts.
  • Builds Self-Esteem - Children will have a better sense of self after practicing yoga.
  • Great Way to Exercise - They learn ways to exercise that don’t involve winning or losing. Everybody feels good after doing yoga.
  • Develop Self-Discipline - Children learning yoga also learn to master their own behavior. They learn to control themselves, rather than waiting for others to tell them what to do.
  • Improves Strength - yoga requires greater muscular strength the more advanced one becomes. Children develop stronger muscles from practicing yoga.
  • Develop Flexibility - Deep stretching and breathing involved in yoga improves muscular flexibility, which is important for avoiding injuries.
  • Improves Focus & Attention - Yoga requires concentration. While some kids might not find this easy at first, the more they practice, the easier focusing will be.
  • Develops Self-Awareness - When deliberately moving the body and thinking about the way it feels, children develop self-awareness.
  • Breathe Awareness - Breath awareness and the ability to calm down and think about how their body feels are important skills that children can use the rest of their lives.
  • Develops Balance - Many yoga poses require the ability to balance. This is not always easy for children at first, but as they continue to practice, their balance will improve.
  • Develops Patience – All things take time to learn, and as new yoga poses are introduced, your child may not be able to do it all at first. But with continued practice students can learn to master poses and this also leads to self-confidence.
  • Improves Posture - Children become aware of how they should sit when seated at desks in school or in front of the computer at home.