Are you self motivated?

When you finally get so sick of yourself getting in your own way, you will finally make the choice to take care of yourself on a regular basis - and it WILL stick.

The figureFIT! online Lifestyle Program is designed to help those of you who want the plan to follow. Get direct access to the figureFIT online program. YOU WILL LOVE: 

  • 30-45 Min Workouts
  • Advanced Strength Training Techniques for Those Looking to Build Muscle: abs, booty, biceps, shoulders, and more!
  • Specially designed workout routines that target your entire body to shed fat and get a toned, healthy physique
  • New Warrior Workouts Each Month
  • Meal planning guidelines
  • Yes/No Food List
  • Meditations
  • Yoga videos
  • Monthly online coaching with your coach. 

This program started as a class here at Solace Yoga Studio and due to amazing before and after transformation, creator, Liz Nierzwicki moved the workouts online so that more people could have access to this program.  

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