figureFIT! Group Personal Training

It's Time to Become Your After Picture!

This is NOT a yoga class. This is Liz Nierzwicki's figureFIT! fitness class. It is an intense total body workout designed to compliment your regular yoga practice while pushing your strength and flexibility to new heights. This easy to follow class sequence is designed to tone and sculpt every major muscle group and take your physical fitness to a new level. This is an intermediate to advanced class.

Work out with Liz to get the results your after! Get a new set of challenging workouts every month with moves for every fitness level. Using only free weights and your own body weight you will get toned and fit!

Join a Supportive Community:

Setting up your environment for success is a key part of the figureFIT! training program. Being a part of a like-minded community will give you steady inspiration and accountability. We discuss many of the underlying problems that often result in unmet goals and body image issues. Staying connected is the most crucial piece in order for your transformation to finally happen both mentally and of course physically! To step it up and take this home with you, you can join the online program as well. Join here! (If you're logged to mindbody, you'll need to log out.) 

Expert Training

The figureFIT! fitness class will get you in the best shape of your life in only three strength training workouts per week. Watch as you develop beautiful, long lean muscle and tighten every area of your body. You'll never feel better or stronger than you will after only 90 days in figureFIT! There is NO quick fix. The body we have has taken us years to create and the body you want is going to take dedication and consistent effort on your part and Liz is here to help you along the way. This plan is about empowerment and taking back ownership over your life so you can look and actually BE FIT and be the best version of yourself!