Yoga Etiquette

ARRIVE EARLY (at least 15mins before class starts).  If you are 5 mins or more late you will not be permitted into class.

SILENCE cell phones upon entering the studio.

SIGN IN at the front desk before you enter change rooms.

Be SCENT FREE, no perfumes, colognes & other scented products.

Leave BAGS & personal items in the locker rooms and use lockers if needed.

Bring ONLY your mat, towel, and water bottle into the practice room.

Allow previous class to leave BEFORE entering yoga room.

Observe SILENCE in the practice room at all times.

Put all PROPS away neatly after your use of them.

Try to REMAIN IN THE PRACTICE room for the duration of your class… if you must leave, exit and re-enter quietly.

LOST & FOUND items remain until the last day of the month, when all contents are donated to the Salvation Army. We are unable to keep lost items behind the desk.

Solace Yoga Studio is not responsible for any lost or STOLEN ITEMS on our property.  Thank you for understanding.

Relax, BREATHE DEEPLY and have a great class.


Soothe Your Soul