Yoga OnRamp Program

Yoga On-Ramp

Most of the people who come to me say they want to try yoga yet they’re nervous to try it because they don’t think they’ll be able to do it, or they think it will be boring, or they have a try misunderstanding of what yoga really is. Due to this fear and/or misunderstanding of what yoga is, I’ve created this special Yoga Onramp program to teach you everything you need to know to feel comfortable beginning your yoga practice whether it be on your own (at home) or in a yoga studio. I’m excited to help you get started on this powerful journey called Yoga.

In this onramp program, you’ll learn:

• Learn the difference between Muscle Tension vs. Compression
• Learn the truth about flexibility
• Understand the primary neurotransmitters that are released in a yoga session.
• Learn the Sun Salutations series so that you’ll be comfortable heading to ANY yoga session.

Philosophically & Spiritually:
• What is Yoga
• The Path of Yoga (8 Limbs)
• How Yoga Helps w/ Enlightenment

Also understand…
• What to Expect in a Yoga Session
• What to Wear
• What Props You May Need for Ease


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