My Birthday Gift to You / Live DJ Yoga TOMORROW 10am

Dear Soul Dive,

Today is my 38th birthday! I have always been really into birthdays. Mine, or anyone else's for that matter. The older I get, the more I see the need for joy, celebration, and especially after the pandemic, a reason to get dressed up! The day you were born is your greatest gift. And I love gifts - who doesn’t? Be honest, do you really not want the people in your life to get you a gift? I call bluffs on everyone that says no thanks to that. Gifts PLEASE! That’s why I’m here… today… on MY birthday, to offer YOU a gift. 

The following gifts are available until Monday, June 19th… 

Founding Membership - 4 years of UNLIMITED YOGA for $4,000

1 year of UNLIMITED YOGA - $1,111 (Venmo / Zelle) or $1,234 (credit)

Family Passes - Annual UNLIMITED YOGA - $1,000 each (minimum of 3 purchases to secure pricing, paid upfront)

This pricing is limited and if you accept my gift, you’ll have it for life. 

Allow me to reflect… 5 years ago today, on my 33rd birthday, my entire world fell apart. The person I loved the most was given a diagnosis that equaled a death sentence. I had no tools, no coping mechanisms, and absolutely no clue how to move forward. It was fight or flight and I fought. I lost myself, the life as I knew it slipped through my ever so tightly gripped fingers and I hit the bottom. I remember the moment I became aware I was at the bottom. My fiance was sleeping upstairs in my apartment in Chicago and I had Alfie (who was also on bed rest for a neck injury) outside in a tiny grassy area. His sweet little soul was hobbling around while my soulmate was suffering. I was a mess. Do you know what happens when you reach the bottom? You only have one direction to go. It’s no secret that yoga was my catalyst to healing and you already know I’m here to impart my experience back to you. My whole message is simple: GET READY. I wasn’t ready and in hindsight, I’m grateful for that. But you can be, and Soul Dive was created for you to get on your mat and get ready for life - in all of its grit and glory.

This crew, the Soul Dive community, those that have been here since the beginning - thank you! 5 years ago… sitting in a hospital room knowing my world was about to completely fall apart, I never could have imagined this is where I would be. The gift to create a space, build a community and lead you all through your journeys on your mat is a great blessing. 

I hope you’ll come celebrate with me tomorrow! We’ll dance it out on our mats and enjoy some birthday treats at Sotto Vocce to follow. Even if you have NEVER taken a vinyasa class before, come join us. Come celebrate. Come let go and experience the pure unbridled joy that we all deserve to have.

I love you all! To another trip around the sun…,



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