Soul Dive Yoga offers a variety of yoga classes that reflect our community and teacher’s expertise and teaching style. Our classes challenge both physicality and equanimity, whether flowing through a Soulful Vinyasa or experiencing a guided sound bath meditation, the offerings at Soul Dive Yoga speak to the individual’s mind, body and spirit. Whether it is your first time on your yoga mat or returning after a hiatus, we invite you to move and breathe into the deep.

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Soulful Vinyasa:

Soul Dive Yoga’s signature power flow! Soulful Vinyasa brings the music to the mat, marrying ancient yogic postures and breathing techniques with a soulful playlist throughout the entire flow. Soulful Vinyasa will bring powerful intentions and magical movements that will push your physical practice to boundless spiritual heights. With inspirational messages sprinkled throughout physical challenges, this blissful flow will surely open your heart and awaken your spirit. Soulful Vinyasa is available to all levels of practitioner, we just ask that you take a beginner class or 2 before joining this uplifting and invigorating flow. This class is taught primarily by Soul Dive’s owner, Alex and is usually a 75 minute practice. Arrive with an open mind and willing heart and let the soulful goodness guide your flow.


Vinyasa classes invite power into the practice. We will pick up the pace, pairing breath to movement, while flowing mindfully from posture to posture. Vinyasa classes are open to yogis of all levels and offer you the opportunity to build upon their experience, take more challenging pose expressions and find your edge while building equanimity and strength in your flow. Expect upbeat playlists, balanced breathwork and creative sequencing in these classes.

LYT Power:

LYT Yoga (Power): The LYT Yoga Method, created by a licensed physical therapist & yoga teacher Lara Heimann, uses yoga postures within functional movement sequences to help students retrain habitual movement patterns and postural imbalances to feel stronger, more energized, and more balanced both on and off the mat. We incorporate many principles of physical therapy & neurodevelopment onto the mat, so that we may find more strength, stability & freedom in the body & mind. Carl is Soul Dive’s only certified LYT Yoga teacher and exclusively teaches this style of class.

Best Gentle Yoga Classes in Palm Desert, CA

Slow Flow:

Slow Flow is perfect for new students and returning yogis getting reacquainted to their practice. This entry level, vinyasa-style practice takes the pace way down and thoughtfully pairs breath to movement, breaking down postures and creating a space for exploration as the body moves from pose to pose. Slow flow will be taught according to who is in the room. If practitioners are more advanced, we will up the ante and bring some slow burning power into the practice. If we have beginners or first-timers, slow flow will offer more space to learn and familiarize with the practice. No matter which slow flow you land in, your mind and body will appreciate the opportunity to move, breath and slowly flow for your soul.  

LYT Slow

LYT Yoga Slow Flow: A slower paced modified version of the LYT Yoga Method. We will incorporate many principles from physical therapy and mobility training within a sequence of yoga postures. LYT Classes begin with a reset to establish the foundations of a strong core and neutral position. We methodically add function movement patterns to mobilize the joints and challenge our body & mind with new transitions and fresh creative sequencing. Carl is Soul Dive’s only certified LYT Yoga teacher and exclusively teaches this style of class.

Gentle yoga

Gentle Yoga is an entry-level class embodying the 8 limbs of yoga. This class will introduce different concepts like asana (movement), breath, mantras, meditation and chanting to treat both physical and mental disease. Gentle Yoga will incorporate many elements of the practice, of which asana - the physical movement - is only one, to harmonize the mind, body and soul. This class is open to all levels of practitioner regardless of physical ability or experience on the mat. 


This class consists of the traditional and original 26&2 series set in a naturally heated room without added humidity. Each class is an exploration. Most of the postures (asanas) are done twice and held for 10 to 60 seconds. This practice is deeply healing and regenerative on many levels. Beginner yogis are welcome! Please be sure to bring water, a mat, and a large towel. 

Yin Yoga: 

Melt into your mat with this gentle and relaxing practice. Expect long, deep holds in traditional postures that target connective tissues, increasing flexibility and joint mobility. The Yin Yoga practice moves pose to pose, methodically taken to nourish our physical bodies. Yin’s depth is challenging, bringing the quest for equanimity to the forefront of the experience. Each class concludes with a Yoga Nidra, a state of consciousness that lands between the realms of asleep and awake, taking savasana to a place of blissful, lucid dreaming and healing. Yin is a perfect complement to a regular Power Yoga practice; its unique nature serves to release anything the body has locked up leaving you in a restored, rejuvenated state. 

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Restorative yoga brings physical nourishment to the mind and body. Through thoughtful postures and gentle transitions, Soul Dive’s Restorative classes are done entirely on the ground with no up and down movements. You will be guided through various resting postures and your body will be completely supported with props in each and every one of them. Expect long, relaxing holds and gentle stretches in this practice. Restorative classes are open to all levels of practitioner and all bodies - regardless of physical ability - are welcome. We have skilled instructors and assistants who are able to help you on and off your mat, transition to different postures and ensure you are safe and comfortable throughout your entire practice. If you have experienced injuries, joint replacements, physical limitations or just general aging this practice is for you! Please join us for some nourishment and restoration for the mind and body.

Yoga Nidra:

Known as Yogic Sleep, Yoga Nidra is a restorative practice that takes you between the realms of asleep and awake. This healing experience requires almost no physical movement. Expect to lay down in a comfortable position and listen to the tranquil voice of the instructor that guides you through a body scan. Allow your mind to focus in on the body part mentioned and slip into a relaxation induced meditation. 

Best Gentle Yoga Classes in Palm Desert, CA


At Soul Dive Yoga we believe the following to be true: If prayer is talking to God, meditation is listening to God. Meditation cultivates the art of inner stillness, quiets the mind and opens up the heart to listen. Meditation is truly the secret to inner joy and peace. Learn to navigate your thoughts, slow down your mental chatter, and build moments of clarity. Meditation classes may include guided meditation, breath techniques, visual imagery, sound vibrations and pure stillness. Leave feeling fresh and oh-so-present for the rest of your day. 

Sound Bath:

Sound healing is one of the most powerful healing modalities on earth. Our bodies tend to live in the sympathetic nervous system, which is where our fight or flight response lives. The parasympathetic nervous system is what’s responsible for our restoration and healing. Sound healing helps turn off the sympathetic nervous system and has the power to shift people into the parasympathetic nervous system. Through this shift our bodies have the natural ability to repair and heal. Soul Dive’s Sound Bath will at times be an add-on to an existing class or a stand alone experience fully dedicated to the immersive, healing sound bowls. Experiences can be 15 - 60 minutes depending on format. Please be sure to consult your instructor before participating if you have any neurological conditions.


Breathwork, which Jay refers to as “Spiritual CrossFit” takes you on a deep and powerful journey of transformation. No other modality helps you to release and heal on a physical, spiritual, and emotional level, like the 3-part conscious breath.Breathwork is ideal for those who have tried everything and still struggle. It helps to peel back the layers and barriers within your heart, mind and body, and it’s the perfect practice for those who find regular meditation challenging. This active, laying meditation, done to music, takes you out of your head and into your heart where ALL of your answers lie. It helps you to remember what it’s like to feel good, and, when done regularly, will keep you feeling great long-term, with permanent shifts and a deep connection to your source energy. Please bring a yoga mat, blanket, pillow and eye mask. Class is $38, not included in packages or memberships. 

Soul Dive Sundays:

Soul Dive Sundays honors the need for restoration and we deem Sundays as a day to nourish the mind, body and soul before embarking upon a new week. Sundays at Soul Dive will feature a rotating schedule of teachers, classes and experiences that offer many ways for our community to restore. Soul Dive Sundays will feature a variety of offerings from our teaching team as well as outside voices bringing their passions to our community. Whether moving on your mat, breathing new life force into the body, surrendering to the sweetness of a sound bath or taking a deep dive into an unfamiliar area of Yoga, we will offer a thoughtful lineup of soulful experiences to fill up the mind, body and soul. Check the schedule for details and join us for some much needed rest and reset to close out the week. Most Soul Dive Sunday experiences are workshops and are not included in memberships or class packages.

Cancellation Policy

  • Classes must be canceled 2 hours in advance of the start time. 

  • Canceling class less than 2 hours before the class starts—late cancel—results in a $10 fine and loss of a class from your package. 

  • No-shows are fined $15 and a class will be deducted from your package. Unlimited members will be fined $30. 

  • Everyone who wishes to practice with us must have a complete profile created on Wellnessliving, a signed waiver, and a stored credit card on file, or link to someone else who has a method of payment on file. No exceptions.