Soul Dive offers continuing education, sound healer, breathwork and 200-hour teacher trainings. Dive deeper into your practice through one of our many educational offerings. See our current certifications and inquire for more details! 

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training | Sound healer | Breathwork

Sound Bath Training

November 2nd - 5th

Sound Bath & Healer | Palm Desert CA

Sound Bath Training | Sound Healer | Palm Desert CA

This immersive, comprehensive training will have many opportunities to learn and practice how to facilitate meditative spaces with sound. The Aligned Sound Bath is focused on creating safe spaces through sound and meditation, allowing your students and clients to align and realign to the being within. This is about tuning into the space within using sound as a guide.

Together, we’ll explore, learn, experience, and practice:

  • The impact of meditation on the body

  • Meditation techniques - how to share these practices with others

  • Cymatics - the study of sound made visible

  • Frequency, resonance, and entrainment

  • Basic music theory - how to use sounds and musicality to ease the body into a meditative state

  • Harmonics and chords

  • Overview of instruments used in sound healing - bowls, gongs, chimes

  • How to play quartz crystal and Tibetan singing bowls

  • Basic gong playing techniques

  • How to pair bowls together for harmonic, beautiful sound baths - how and where to buy bowls, access to special student pricing

  • The arc of a sound bath - bringing participants in and out of the experience

  • How to facilitate authentic, safe experiences for private and group clients

  • The business of creating your sound bath offerings

This training is live, in-person at Soul Dive Yoga in Palm Desert. For more details and to save your spot, click below.

Breathwork training dates: SEPTEMBER 22, 23 & 24

Have you had a Breathwork experience that totally changed your life or perhaps you’ve heard about this growing healing practice and you’d like to add it to your list of modalities?Whatever the case, Breathwork and Breathing practices will be the leading form of personal and spiritual growth over the upcoming years. This is your opportunity to learn more, whether you’re looking to expand your own healing practice with clients or simply open to your own individual expansion.

Breath work Practitioner Training | Palm Desert CA
200 hour yoga teacher training

In this Breathwork healer training you will learn everything that you need to begin sharing this life-changing healing modality with friends and clients along with expanding your own practice.

Learn various styles of Breathing and and why this 3-part circular Breath is the most powerful

  • Find out about insurance, contraindications, legalities, and waivers

  • Educate yourself on possible side effects and how to deal with them

  • Learn the basics of both a private and group session

  • Discover the importance of “making it your own” and using your unique gifts

  • What is Ho’Oponopono and how to combine it with Breathwork?

  • Gain knowledge about the Chakras and how Breathwork can align and balance them

  • Thorough practice in partnered exercises to gain confidence

  • Experience powerful shifts during a Breathwork session with partner

  • Find out what other tools will make your sessions more powerful

  • Learn the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of Breathwork

  • How to run successful virtual and in-person sessions

  • Learn about the Energy Release technique to permanently shift blocked energy

  • Create successful playlists

  • Cheat sheets to give you confidence while running your sessions

  • And much more...

Continuing Education

Soul Dive's continuing education modules will be released soon!

200-Hour Teacher Training

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