Soul Dive Yoga is a studio rooted in Big Y Yoga. To us, the Big Y is the 8-limbed path, the physical practice of yoga being just one. Our workshops will offer students a platform to learn more about an area of Yoga that might not be as familiar as a typical vinyasa class. From meditation to breathwork, beginner practices and the exploration of senses, our workshops will feature experts from coast to coast to share their knowledge and provide another opportunity for our students to dive into the deep.


Manifesting with Feng Shui

Saturday March 24, 2024 | 3:00-4:30 pm | $45

Join us for her signature workshop Manifesting with Feng Shui. You’ll learn how to activate your outer + inner environment to become a magnet for what you desire and leave this session ready to take inspired action.

    • How to feel better in your body, attract more money + feel like life is just working better through easy feng shui adjustments.

    • Kristina’s secret feng shui shifts to attract the self-confidence + abundance of love and money you (really) desire by implementing simple rituals.

    • How to unlock unexpected money + opportunities, creating freedom for you to generously provide for your family (& yourself!) like you want to.

    • Simple adjustments to invite FLOW + EASE -- not just for the *big* manifestations but for your day-to-day life.