Put a Pin in it + Weekend Lineup!

Dear Soul Dive,

We dropped some info about our Partner Program on the gram last week. ICYMI, this is an effort for us to connect with like minded businesses and build a stronger community here in the Coachella Valley. We’ve got all the tea on our website, but for now, allow me to introduce you to one of our community members, a former fellow Chicagoan, Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine practitioner, Cleo Tetzloff. Cleo is Soul Dive’s November partner and I can’t wait to share more about her work with our soul fam.

We talk a lot about selfcare at Soul Dive. I can speak from experience, I am a regular receiver of acupuncture, massage and bodywork. Cleo’s clinic, located down the street on El Paseo, offers a variety of treatments to maintain or restore your optimal health. Most are familiar with acupuncture. But Functional Medicine might sound a little new. Often interchanged with Naturopath, this practice gets down to the root cause of the issues, not just the downstream symptom that might be a result of something else. 


Cleo’s journey started as most, going to the doctor due to not feeling well, getting lab work done and hearing the words, “everything looks fine, you’re fine.” For years, this was the experience Cleo had with several different practitioners. Throughout her life, she struggled with autoimmune symptoms finding no relief from the current medical system. 

After experiencing acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, she finally started to feel lasting benefits and an improved quality of life. Cleo completed her Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine degree from Pacific Health and Science in Chicago, IL and has pursued a path in root cause medicine ever since. It was during her doctoral program she was introduced to Functional Medicine where a practitioner discovered through in-depth blood work that she had Lyme Disease. Finally having an answer to why she wasn't feeling well all those years, Cleo experienced for herself the benefit of combining Functional Medicine with Chinese Medicine, with the goals to discover the root cause, rebalance the organ systems of the body and provide treatments that work for the body rather than against it. 

Cleo is a regular at the studio and is always up for chatting with students about her practice! You can catch her in Yin on Tuesday evenings at 7pm and in Soulful Vinyasa Saturday mornings at 10am. She will also be present at this month's Sound bath on Monday, November 27th. 

Cleo’s practice has been on El Paseo for almost 3 years and has quickly grown to serve so many patients in the valley. Cleo is offering $25 to new patients from the Soul Dive community. For more information and to book your treatment visit www.cleoamelia.com.

Promotional image for a "sound healing for gratitude" event at Soul Dive Yoga Palm Desert, featuring a woman with sound bowls, scheduled for Monday, November 27th at 7:30pm.

We’ve got a great lineup ahead this weekend! I’m bringing all the Feel Good Fest energy to the mat for Soulful Vinyasa Saturday morning and Carl is leading his signature Block Party workshop on Sunday morning at 10am!

Promotional flyer for Soul Dive Yoga's "BLOCK PARTY with CARL" featuring a man with a yoga block, details of the 90-minute workshop in Palm Desert, CA on November 19th, with decorative foliage.

Monday! I know, we’re a little ahead of ourselves… Our beautiful studio manager, Jessica Pauley, celebrates a very big milestone birthday… Come show Jess ALL the birthday love by practicing in the 9am Gentle Yoga class! Hard to believe she’s turning 50!


So much love to this beautiful community! See you on the mat!

Big Love,



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