I believe in rainbows, butterflies, unicorns and miracles

Alex, yogi in Indian Wells, sitting in easy pose

Dear Soul Dive,

It’s powerful what happens when we set an intention. When we actually take the time to create space for something our heart wants to fulfill. It doesn’t just happen, you know, all the things you want or think you want. You only get what you “want” or “ask for” if it aligns with your purpose. Unless of course you start messing with fate - we’ve all been there - and I can tell you, it might look shiny but it doesn’t end well. 

What’s even more powerful than setting the intention is watching your heart’s desires become a reality. When intentions are realized, manifestations become truth and prayers get answered. If you would have asked me if the above subject line rang true for me 5 years ago I would have told you to go pound sand. When we’re in the thick of reality and life isn’t treating us so kindly (because we’re not aligned with purpose) it’s hard to see the light. And if we can’t see, how can we believe?

But whether you see it or not, the light remains and the proof rests in purpose. Afterall, we don’t know the light without the dark, nor the dark without the light. It’s all necessary and each one works to guide us in the direction we are meant to go. 

I can tell you a few things in full truth. First, I have been deeply in the dark. I actually spent many years of my life shimmying in between the shadows and pitch black pockets failing to see the light. Second, We are never there forever. Third, and this one is important to listen up, awareness is the catalyst to get out. Awareness is the literal spark in the dark that pushes us into spaces that make us wildly uncomfortable, ultimately forcing us out to reclaim the light. Our Light. 

The simple concept of awareness is what takes us on a deeper journey into the light.  Once we become aware, we don’t miss the small stuff. We notice the sunrise, see the rainbows, float with the butterflies and dance with the unicorns. When we practice awareness we become too overwhelmed with the light to get stuck in the dark. When we live in awareness, we see miracles at every turn making it impossible not to believe.

If awareness is the spark in the dark, then the intentions we set are the match. Each time we light up our intentions we are inviting a piece of our souls to connect, to become aware of what we are calling in. If we stay in the practice, intentionally working to fulfill our heart’s desires and live authentically in purpose, our internal flames will be so bright we almost can’t fathom being the dark. 

So take a moment and set an intention. You don't have to wait until you show up for class. Pick anything you want, dedicate your practice to a loved one or create a powerful “I am” statement to carry you through your practice. 

The light is yours, soul fam. But it’s up to you to light the match and fan the flame. See you on the mat! 

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Big Love,



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