Meet Alex Sabbag: The Serial Entrepreneur Breathing New Life Into Palm Desert Through the Healing Power of Yoga

Alex Sabbag’s journey is a convergence of love, tragedy, and the healing power of yoga—a profound connection with her former partner took an unexpected turn when he was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, propelling Sabbag to discover yoga not just as exercise but as a lifeline. 

In 2018, joy and heartbreak simultaneously intertwined the couple’s life. The diagnosis came on Sabbag’s 33rd birthday, immediately followed by a proposal the day after. Both monumental milestones were quickly eclipsed by the devastating news of his terminal brain cancer diagnosis—grade-three anaplastic astrocytoma—untreatable, likely resistant to chemo, and inoperable. Facing an uncertain future, Sabbag took on the role of his devoted caregiver overnight.

The subsequent months were a juggling act—Sabbag found herself managing medical appointments, paperwork, and the emotional toll of the diagnosis—all while coming to terms with losing the fairytale life she once dreamed of. Amid life’s uncertainty, Bare Feet Power Yoga, located in Chicago, was a source of solace and empowerment. Yoga became a crucial pillar in her healing journey, offering a safe space to navigate through natural feelings of fear, sadness, and overwhelm.

Following her fiancé’s relocation to his hometown in Southern California, Sabbag embarked on a period of soul-searching. This transformative phase prompted her to engage in profound introspective work, ultimately resulting in her certification as a yoga instructor. Fondly recalling the 18 months as her own “soul dive,” Sabbag deepened her connection to the practice and finally felt a sense of purpose come back into her life.

The positive impact of yoga on mental and emotional well-being is notable, especially in coping with emotional distress commonly experienced by caregivers. Translating her odyssey into a haven for those weathering similar storms, Sabbag established Soul Dive Yoga in Palm Desert in 2022—in a moment of divine timing, she acquired the keys to the studio on the day coinciding with her fiancé’s passing. 

Upon opening its doors, the studio served as a sanctuary for anyone at any experience level to explore yoga’s healing benefits. Soul Dive Yoga is a judgment-free, come-as-you-are space and boasts a schedule of classes, workshops, and experiences, inviting the community into the deep through breath, movement, and soulful connection.

“Mindfulness practices are essential to sustaining mental well-being. It’s not if life will throw you an unforeseen curveball; it’s when. Leaning into regular yoga, meditation, and other forms of self-care brings us into greater equanimity—a state where we get off of life’s teeter-totter and can ride the waves more seamlessly as they are presented. When we are in the flow and remain in practice, we get wrapped with a greater sense of ease and peace and feel more balanced in our lives,” said Sabbag. 

Step into the tranquil haven of Soul Dive Yoga, where an electrifying essence of community and mutual support intertwine. This studio has evolved into a blossoming yoga hub, drawing in both locals and globetrotters seeking a transcendent experience.

Embark on a transformative journey as the studio and its instructors guide you along the eight-limbed path, which Sabbag playfully refers to as Big Y Yoga. In addition to a regular schedule of movement classes like Vinyasa, Slow Flow, and Gentle Yoga, the studio also boasts an array of workshops curated by its in-house experts, shining light on the secrets of meditation, breathwork, beginner practices, and sensory exploration.

Soul Dive Yoga isn’t just a studio; it’s a vibrant community where like-minded souls converge and where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary. As the premier studio in the Greater Coachella Valley, Soul Dive Yoga goes beyond the physical, serving as a mental sanctuary for its members.

Sabbag’s journey is a metamorphosis from tragedy to triumph, from caregiver to yoga instructor and studio owner. Her journey exemplifies yoga’s transformative power in healing through adversity. She took her experience and created Soul Dive Yoga to serve as a place for people to come as they are. 

The studio encourages and holds space for anyone who walks through the door—creating an inclusive atmosphere that embraces each individual. Here, the practice of yoga is a comforting haven that extends the warmth of a home away from home. In this nurturing environment, Soul Dive Yoga supports and guides every student along their personal life journey, fostering a sense of belonging and well-being.

“The first place I went when we were discharged from the hospital after my fiancé’s diagnosis was the yoga studio. The teacher didn’t greet me with pity. She empowered me and gave me permission to use this space in whatever way I needed it,” said Sabbag, “whether I showed up and sobbed my eyes out or had a powerful practice, it was my home, and I was welcome to simply be,” she adds. 

That moment planted a powerful seed for Sabbag and, later, Soul Dive Yoga, a space where its community can come in any way, shape, or form, embraced by the practice, surrounded by a loving community, and supported in every possible way by the mat, to simply be. 

“There aren’t many places that offer that kind of freedom, and I’m thrilled to be at the helm of one that does, to give back to anyone ready to receive the remarkable gifts practicing yoga brings to your life,” Sabbag said.

Her vision for Soul Dive Yoga is simple: to create a space where anyone can arrive as they are and experience peace in its most authentic form. The invitation to walk through the door is just the beginning. Sabbag hopes that through the space and expert guidance of Soul Dive Yoga’s teaching team, students embark upon a journey into the deep, feeling safe and comfortable to surrender into their own “soul dive” each and every time they roll out a mat.

Published By: Aize Perez


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