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Mala Beads | Join Suzi Maldonado's Mala Making Workshop

Dear Soul Dive,

What’s your intention? Nearly every single class comes with an invitation to set an intention. Sometimes one is offered and others you’re free to align your practice with whatever is on your heart. Do you actually do this? Are you overthinking it? Like if you only had 5 seconds to pray to God, you’re listing all the things that should be happening in this world like creating world peace and feeding all the hungry children. These are all well and good, but let me bring you back. World peace, fed kids and all the other wonderful causes start with you. 

Each time to show up to practice - whether a physical movement class, restorative practice or an expansive workshop - this is your opportunity to be a part of the collective. When we root with intention, we all rise.

We have a workshop this week which offers you the space and guidance to set an intention and create an intentional piece of jewelry that serves to bring you back. This will help you root deeply within your heart’s desire so you may always be a part of the collective rising. 

Join Suzi Maldonado for our first ever Mala Making workshop. A mala is a string of beads used to count mantras in sets of 108 repetitions. During this form of Buddhist and Hindu meditation, also known as japa yoga, practitioners pass the beads through their fingers while silently or audibly, repeating a sacred mantra. While a japa mala is traditionally used for meditation, the act of creating our own personal mala by hand knotting 108 beads together, infusing them with our intentions and energy, becomes an art meditation in itself. This meaningful experience invites you to make your own unique, sacred piece of jewelry that may be worn, used in meditation or gifted to someone special in your life.

Sunday’s experience is the epitome of what it means to set an intention. Space for this experience is very limited. I hope you’ll join Suzi for an afternoon of sacred intention setting.

Join Suzi Maldonado's Mala Making Workshop

Big Love,



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