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Jess Pauley, Studio Manager, Soul Dive Yoga, Palm Desert

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As you’ve all seen, I have been sharing Day 1 stories on Instagram. We only have a few left to document and this week feels a little extra special. See our post dedicated to Jess on the gram and read a little more about Jess’s experience, since day 1, showing up 20 minutes early to our very first class. Fast forward, Jess not only boasts the title of Gentle Yoga Queen, but has boldly stepped up to lead us as our studio manager. We are so blessed and lucky to have you, Jess!

“My friend told me about the opening of Soul Dive Yoga on October 1, 2022. Immediately I was super excited to check out this new studio on EL Paseo! I heard they were doing a half Vinyasa half gentle flow community class opening day. I was only practicing in Gentle Yoga at the time due to some health issues. I hadn’t had a Vinyasa practice in years. In my excitement, I showed up 20 minutes early because I wanted to make sure I would have time to talk to Alex the owner. Rarely am I super early for anything lol, but that day I arrived 20 minutes early and I was the only one there. I got extra some time to really take in the beautiful space, loving the vibe and felt at home. And I was able to drop in with Alex, getting a better understanding of her and her vision. I was super impressed and felt my roots instantly starting to grow into that space. 

It ended up being an hour and a half of Vinyasa, and only a half hour of gentle flow but I powered through it and enjoyed bringing the heat back into my practice.

Fast forward a month or so later, and Alex needed some classes subbed in December. I instantly jumped at the opportunity. This was also my first time, stepping back into teaching yoga in many years. It all felt super aligned, and when Alex offered to put me on the schedule in January I said "Yes!" And the next thing I know I was teaching yoga full-time at Soul Dive and loving it! Loving the community, the students, the teachers, and everything Soul Dive has to offer. Opportunities continue to grow in this space every day, and one year later, I am stepping into the studio manager position here. I feel so blessed to have found this community and get the opportunity to do something I love. In the last year SDY has given me the support to expand and break through so many limitations! And I thank Alex and her vision for making this possible. 

Happy 1yr anniversary Soul Dive can’t wait to see what this next year brings us!”

Big Love,



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