Embrace Your Journey with Soul Dive Yoga: Uniting Heart, Mind, & Soul on the Mat

why are we here

This past week showed me a lot. Full Moons really have a way of spilling the truth juice on a fresh white carpet, now don’t they? But what sticks out the most is not astrological or even that deep. It’s this simple fact: If Taylor Swift would roll out a yoga mat, just once, the world would be a better place. I also got real clear on our mission and why we’re here… stick with me! 

I walked into our beloved studio on Saturday to do a little housekeeping, as I usually do before the 10 am class. I was consumed by the Soul Dive mission and reminded about our jobs, not just as the studio owner but all of us as teachers.

Our mission is simple: Soul Dive invites you into the deep for movement, breath and soulful connection, existing as a place where you can come as you are to simply be.

Our job is simple: To create and hold space for our community - you - to arrive just as you are, free from judgment and expectations, to practice yoga in a safe, comfortable environment - assured that whatever you leave behind gets mopped up by our team. 

Take what you need. Leave what you don’t. All you have to do is show up. We’ve got the rest.

This might shock you, but this practice has little to do with the postures and everything to do with purpose. My purpose in creating this place is to ensure everyone has a place to go. In good and in bad, in happy and in sad. That’s what my home studio in Chicago gave me. Permission to be, all I had to do was show up. The same goes for you. 

Hands on Heart & Belly post

As we step out of January and into February I want to place an extra focus on why we are here. It’s not to master Half Moon, torture you in Warrior 2 or bring you to your knees in Humble Warrior.

Remember, suffering is a choice my friends. The real truth is to make sure you know you can come through the door and work all your shit out on the mat and leave it there. Mind, Body, Soul. Each class serves as a mini and oh-so-personal soul dive.

The global pop icon has taken her world domination to even bigger heights (as if that’s even possible). Want to know how? Through her heart. Her heart has taken over every headline from Wall Street (Earning the Chief's over $300M just by existing) to Main Street donning custom sports jackets and cause-related sweaters. When Taylor acts, the world follows. And while she’s absolutely moving from a heart-centered place (and I do wish this awareness could go beyond sportsball) the world is watching Taylor move from the heart. She’s in love and living fully out of love. Let’s take this note out of Taylor’s real life love story, shall we?

As you roll out your mat this month, do so from your heart. Let whatever lights it up, weighs it down, melts or fills to come out on the mat. Know that whatever invitation you receive from our teachers is with you and your beautiful hearts in mind. Just trust you’ve arrived in the right place at the right time. And while Taylor continues to take over the world, perhaps we can too. Together, as a collective, from the bottom of our hearts.

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