Plot Twist! Not what you expected, huh?

Hey Soul Dive, 

It happens to all of us. The old proverbial rug being ripped out from under our feet. In a flash, plot twist, forced to pivot in a direction you never saw coming. 
"This isn’t what I expected!” Is this you?
Is 2024 going exactly how you thought it would or showing up in a completely different light? 

  • Here’s the deal: It’s not a matter of if life throws you for a loop, it’s when. 

  • Here’s the truth: You don’t have to like it, but I sure encourage you to surrender to it. 

  • FACT: Expectations hogtie your happiness to a certain outcome.

I have plenty of good news so stick with me at the end.

Alex Sabbag | Soul Dive Yoga | Palm Desert

Your practice will protect you

Your practice will protect you, offering a softer landing as you experience the shock, sit with the emotions, and gently move forward. This is what we mean by purpose, and purpose lies directly in the heart center of Soul Dive Yoga.

#2 : The Lunar New Year is THIS FRIDAY and I’d invite you to join me in restarting the whole 2024 intentions situation - free of expectations! My friend and Feng Shui expert, Kristina Hollinger has all the tea on how and spoiler alert! She’s leading a Feng Shui workshop at Soul Dive this March! 

Join us for her signature workshop Manifesting with Feng Shui. You’ll learn how to activate your outer + inner environment to become a magnet for what you desire and leave this session ready to take inspired action.
To learn more visit Kristina’s website

Commitment to your practice

Your commitment to your practice is what keeps you ready for all of life in its beautiful and tragic glory. Afterall, it's those pivotal moments that define who you are and what you arrived in this life to be. It’s also these moments that take us out of the ring leading to self-sabotage and personal combustion. 

When we don’t have a practice we don’t know how to surrender, sit with the discomfort of our emotions or navigate the path forward.  When we refuse to practice it’s impossible to be present in the healthy flow of our own life. 

If you’re resisting the invitation to practice I have one question. Why? When part of your life gets set on fire, why run back in? You literally can’t be free if you expect things to go a certain way. When they don’t, you’ll crumble and crash. The plot twist will become your 2X4 moment and if you’ve been with me for a while, you know those are pretty darn hard to recover from.

Candlelight Beats edition of Soulful Vinyasa

So get on your mat. Join me this Friday for a very special Candlelight Beats edition of Soulful Vinyasa. This one will definitely release any and all expectations you had for your typical yoga practice! Then keep it going… show up in flow on Saturday, practice surrendering in Yin on Sunday, nourish your mind and body with Jess Monday morning and bring the heat with Chelsea Monday eve and Tuesday morning.

We’ve got you! And with regards to your plot twist, you’re in great company. I’m reworking my vision board as we speak and welcoming the opportunity to hit restart on some expectation free intentions this weekend in honor of the Lunar New Year. Thank goodness for second chances! See you on the mat!

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