National Caregivers Day: Finding Refuge & Strength at Soul Dive Yoga - A Personal Journey

Today is National Caregivers Day.

This day became close to my heart on my 33rd birthday, June 16th, 2018. It was the day that changed everything for me and ignited a season of my life I (now) lovingly coined as my Soul Dive. It was the day I became a caregiver after my fiance was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. A year ago today the Desert Sun captured my story and in doing so, it became the first time I publicly came forward with my experience. 

The last year has made my purpose crystal clear. My entire life and everything I attached to - my home, community, former business, relationships, friendships, club memberships and all the rest - had to burn to the ground to make room. And it did. Moving to California I had no idea what I was being called to do. When I ended up with the studio it still didn’t fully make sense. Until it did. My purpose as a leader is to share what I’ve gone through in hopes you spend a little less time on the bench of your own life and more time living in it. You’ve heard bits and pieces in my yoga classes, and soon, you’ll hear more in bigger rooms enabling me to make a larger impact. 

The last year also gave me clarity on why this place needed to be here.

Alex sitting with her hands clapsed and resting her chin on her clasped hands

Our mission is this: Soul Dive Yoga exists as a place for you to come as you are and simply be.

Whether in movement, meditation or soulful connection, we invite you out of your head and into the deep.

I created Soul Dive because I experienced how powerful a community can be when going through trauma, grief, sadness, and loss. When life throws you one, there are few places you can go where you can show up just as you are. Soul Dive is that place. 

So many in our community identify as a caregiver. Whether taking care of elderly parents, little kids, pets or a spouse, I would venture to say each person who shows up in the room is a caregiver in some way, shape or form. When we are called into this work of caring for another we have a tendency to lose our own identity in the process. I did, and I spent 5 years raking through the coals of figuring out who the heck I am and what I’m supposed to be doing. The good news, friends… you don’t need to spend years of your life “healing.” You are enough, just as you are. Your work as a caregiver does not define you. 

My experience was the spark in the dark to ignite my path forward. And that it did! This place is deeply personal to me, and I know many others. Please know that this is your home. Use the honor bar. Accept our invitations to show up and just lay on the mat. Connect with a fellow member after class. Dive in. You will be met with so much love, grace and acceptance - and rest assured, we’ll make sure you can receive it. 

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I have so much more to share and many exciting things ahead. If you’re reading this, you’ll be the first to know! Hint hint - my book drops in June! Share the love and get your friends in the room and on the list.

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