Happy Horseshit

Soul Diving and Desert Shit in Greater Palm Springs and Coachella Valley

Dear Soul Dive,

I can’t take credit for the subject line, the concept was brought to me by my dad. Some of you have had the pleasure of napping next to him in a handful of Restorative classes. While my dad has unconditionally supported me in my entrepreneurial ventures, he hasn’t always understood what I do or what it took to get here. A few years ago while in the midst of my own Soul Dive, I remember receiving a shipment of books from Amazon. I was visiting my parents in Iowa and my dad brought the delivery outside where I was posted up. He looked at me (and I fully quote), “Alex, here’s more of your happy horseshit.” Slightly irritated by the lack of understanding, but mostly I laughed. 

I was in the throes of deep, introspective work at the time. I read every Pema Chodron book I could get my hands on, clinged to every word Michael Singer wrote in Untethered Soul, and referenced The Road Back to You daily (Eneagream stuff, iykyk).  I started to think about what we call into our lives. The hopes and dreams, manifestations and cultivations. We pray, make vision boards, answer journal prompts, and read thoughtful literature. What we do with all that content matters. If we just accumulate knowledge, does that actually enhance our lives or make us wise?  Wisdom is knowledge applied. If we don't do the work to bring our visions to life, looking beyond our current complacency is a useless exercise. Our energy flows where our attention goes. 

My question is this: If we don’t move toward our manifestations is it all a bunch of happy horseshit?

We are launching another challenge Mother's Day - Father's Day. I invite you to get curious and explore different variations of the Yoga practice. If you want a tangible place to start, get back to basics with Jess this Sunday. Whether you have never stepped foot on a mat before or you show up to practice every day, this workshop will help you connect to the foundations of yoga so that you can feel supported along your journey. 

Tap into the beginner's mindset and allow curiosity to bring you deeper into understanding. And then apply what lands for you. We are lucky to have the power of discernment. Take what you love and leave the rest behind. Just remember, you’re either moving forward or sitting in a bunch of happy horseshit.




Trust is a mindset - Lean in


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