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Jess Pauley Best Yoga Teacher in Greater Palm Springs and Coachella Valley

Dear Soul Dive,

Trust is a big deal. The very nature of the word triggering for some and second nature for others. Wherever we are on the sliding scale of trust, we know one thing for sure: Trust the Yoga. If you’re new to the practice and still unsure if it works, just ask around. Trusting the process is what keeps us coming back. We return to the mat to ‘stay in flow’ or ‘let it all go,’ oftentimes not even knowing what we gained or released from a certain class. Because it doesn’t matter. Spoiler alert: Yoga works when you practice, whether you know it or not. 

We lean into trust all over our lives. We trust our parents, spouse, kids, and teachers and at the top of that list, we trust ourselves. We trust the process, our choices, our path, our direction, and our purpose. There are so many areas we subconsciously surrender and allow trust. When the trust is broken, we’re often shattered. Didn’t see it coming. Not prepared. This is life, friends. When our hearts break into a million pieces we second guess ourselves, put up walls, dodge the surrender, and ultimately avoid the trust. 

But the difference, you see, is this: Trust is not an emotion, trust is a mindset. 

Rooting in trust sets us free, we become off the hook to manipulate, control, or otherwise dictate the end result. It is only when we truly trust we can fully exhale. The emotional response to the outcome is separate. Happy, sad, or indifferent, the feelings are valid, but the practice builds our energetic resilience to joy and disappointment alike and allows us to trust the outcome. No one said we had to like it and absolutely no one said it would be easy.

The more life kicks us around the harder it is to surrender into trust. Trust me, I’m here with you. If we second guess our trust we take ourselves out of the mindset. I would know… I’ve been “trusting” that the man of my dreams will find me and we will live happily ever after. Then, two seconds later I’m Moses slapping the staff on the rock demanding, “Where is he???” 

“I trust” and “Where is it” simply don’t belong. They aren’t in alignment and if this is the space you’ve landed, it’s time to shift the dialogue and clean up the mindset. 

Trust is black and white, ya’ll. You either do or you don’t. Shifting into trust takes work. Staying in the mindset of trust takes dedication, devotion, and daily practice. Our intuition serves as our very own bullshit meter. We will know if it's not safe to trust. We will also know if the resistance to trust is just fear. Fear is simply an awareness of courage. Be brave, yogis, and remember: Trust the Yoga.

Before I go… 

Bingo kicked off on Sunday! $30 to play and everyone will receive an exclusive Soul Dive Trust the Yoga tank top! You will make Bingo, I promise… I’ll be hopping on some Gentle or Restorative classes and making sure each tile is within reach. Keep your cards pinned up at the studio so our teachers can see what might be needed! 

Yoga Bingo Card in Greater Palm Springs and Coachella Valley

Our new schedule seems to be making everyone very happy! Keep an eye on it as you plan your classes. We are removing the 8 am sessions Tues/Thurs and have some new voices popping on this summer to share the gift of yoga with our beautiful community.

I want to give a shoutout to a few of our new members… you know who you are… you walked into this space and went straight Into the Deep. No passing go, no collecting $200, just straight into your hearts and souls and pouring (or pounding!) it out on your mats. We see you - all of us see you - and we are so incredibly glad to have you as a part of the Soul Dive family.

Thank you for spreading the SDY gospel and making it to your mat! 

Big Love,



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