Reinvention: burn it down and build it back up


Dear Soul Dive,

After a month away, I’m back… but only for a minute. My plan was to retreat to the beach for a couple of weeks at the end of June / early July. But you know the story about plans… I’ve finally learned my lesson: stop overplanning and lean into the free-flowing freedom of feeling. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, but for the sake of this message, stick with me. I *planned* to be away and I didn't make the choice to stay, rather it was made for me. A series of canceled renters and poof, my home away from home was still calling me in. The ocean air, the daily yoga practice (where I can be just a student), and the space to get away and let the last 9 months soak in. 

Let’s start there. The last 9 months for me as a woman, leader, business owner, entrepreneur, soul sister, and straight-up human being were a lot. I’m not unique or special here. We all have seasons of chaos where life just keeps coming… and coming… and coming. I hit points of exhaustion I never thought possible. I became intolerant to people, social engagements, and even my family. I couldn’t handle energetic interactions because I was so damn depleted I couldn’t see straight. I experienced grief in its most precious and penetrating form. I was challenged to the ends of the earth, my faith tested and my resilience questioned DAILY. 

The path that chose me is not for the faint of heart. But really, if we are honest what path is? I mean it, there is nothing special or unique about my journey. What becomes special is how I leverage it to inspire, support, and lead others through my voice. This may shock some of you, but I have struggled to use my voice and in some cases haven’t been fully convinced I even have one. I’ve emerged through this season of a lot-ness with some really keen insights, and I’m ready to share them. I’ve ditched obligation and tapped into feeling. Swapped over planning for being in the flow. Refused stress and invited opportunity. The more I’ve shown up as me the more I’ve received love and acceptance from not only the Soul Dive community, but my new communities sprinkled around the beach and valley alike. 

What happened over the last year was none other than a complete reinvention. I came to California with plans to pursue my career as a marketing professional and ended up with a platform to share my lived experience with people in the Coachella Valley and beyond. Reinvention is at the tips of your fingers whether you know it or not. But it only exists after you burn the old down and get into the practice of rebuilding. We can’t reinvent when we’re dragging old patterns around like a baby blanket that's ready to retire. We can’t reinvent when we get complacent. We can’t reinvent when we live by fear and not by faith. We can’t reinvent when we aren’t willing to drop everything and live our purpose.

I’m only back for a few days and I’m absolutely elated to lead you in a few practices. 

Friday 4:30 Gentle + Restore

Saturday 10 am Soulful Vinyasa

On August 1 I am taking a solo trip to Italy to scout a location for Soul Dive’s FIRST international retreat. I have a flight and a hotel for 4 days. You do the math… I’m ready to flow, see what comes up, and remain open to the magical possibility of love around the next corner of a cobblestone street. And if all else fails there’s always pizza, am I right? 

Get on the Italy interest list! 

Come and practice with me. Drop the baggage and let the heat burn all the unnecessary bullshit down to the ground. Even though there is and will be some distance between us, I’m very much with you all. I’m stalking the app and I see you devoted yogis practice every darn day. The love I have for our little steamy safe heaven is outside of measure. 

From my heart to yours,


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