A Soul Dive support system

Dear Soul Dive,

Chelsea here. As some of you may or may not know, I have been a part of the Soul Dive community since day 0. Call it divine timing, being aligned with the universe, or powerful manifestation... I moved to the desert and met Alex exactly one month before our studio doors ever opened. This means that I was blessed with the opportunity to put a piece of my own heart & soul into this space we now call our yoga home. 

Shortly after meeting Alex, I met Leesann, then Shannon, then Bella, and the list goes on. Being in the same room as these teachers, having genuine conversations about yoga, and getting to FEEL their passion for their practice created immediate inspiration within my own offerings. I am honored to be a part of a teaching team that cares so deeply about supporting others in their journey.

I have been practicing yoga for over ten years now and I know how special (and rare) it is when you find a space that allows you to just show up as you are - no pressure, no prerequisites, and zero judgment. Yoga is a journey full of imperfections and it is through this journey that we find healing. That is not to say it is easy by any means. Facing our imperfections can be intimidating, which is why having a support system is so valuable in yoga. Lucky for all of us, that is exactly what this community has become. Whether you realize it or not, your presence in the studio encourages everyone around you to keep going. By simply showing up, as you are, you have become a vital part of this support system. 

The only thing better than witnessing the birth of a yoga community is witnessing the continuous growth of that same community - which is exactly what I am experiencing. 

I know, without a doubt, that I am not the only one who sees and feels the endless potential that Soul Dive carries. Every time one of you leaves a review, I get pinged with an email. And each time I open my inbox to read your thoughtful, honest, and enthusiastic words, I can feel your joy. I can feel the yoga working for you and in turn, everyone around you. The reflections you share from your experiences with us are deeply appreciated. They confirm all that we already know in our hearts to be true each time we are in the room together, sharing our practice.

It has been one week since we announced our special pricing offers to you all and I just want to make sure you know that these offers come from YOUR support system. Because we know you are the core of this ever-growing community and we want you to have the best access to your practice that we can offer. 

If any of these student reviews resonate with you or nudge you with a jolt of excitement for your practice, then click the button below and get locked in on one of our special pricing offers for life. 

And remember, these limited time offers officially expire on July 31st. 

Thank you all for continuously supporting this space we have created together. See you soon!

With Love & Light,



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